Wednesday, October 1, 2008

October 1

Mom is tired out today! The nurses had her sitting up on the edge of the bed, and then they actually got her into a standing position! They were supporting most of her weight, of course, but she was upright for a few seconds. They have been doing other therapy as well--especially moving arms and legs.

Chris and the 4 kids came down today, and for the first time we allowed the children to go in and see Nanny. You should have seen the smile beaming from Mom's face when she saw them! The kids were of course filled with questions about all the paraphernalia surrounding Mom's bed and all the tubes and hoses and cords. I told them that when a person has a big bruise inside their head like Nanny does, the rest of one's body does not work quite right, so it needs a lot of help.

The plan is for Mom to move to the step-down unit (which actually is a step-up because it's the next floor up) as soon as a bed becomes available. Mark, Mom's nurse today, said that the neurosurgeon told him that Mom would be moving there about 5:00 this afternoon. But when Mark contacted the nurses in the neuro special care unit about it, they said, "Um, I wonder who he plans to move out to make room??" So it remains to be seen whether Mom will actually be moved today or not. If she stays in the ICU tonight it will be only because they don't have room for her yet in the other unit.

Mom's IV medications have been discontinued, with the exception of an antibiotic every 8 hours which she will continue to receive as long as the drain tube in her head is in place. They have also discontinued the regular testing for vasospasms, as the last several have come back negative. They may do a follow-up test in a few days just to be certain.

Please be in prayer for Chris and the four Tignor children as they travel out to Michigan for a missions conference tomorrow. Pray for me as I miss them terribly! And please pray also for Jack and the three Corbett children as they are really missing Ali, and vice versa. Pray for decisions that need to be made, that we would have the Lord's clear leading in all matters. Thank you so much for holding us all up in your prayers! We really, really appreciate you and all that you are doing.

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Debbie said...

I'm so glad that things are beginning to look up for your Mom. I will be praying for Chris and the kids as they were getting ready to leave my house soon after I left for work this morning. the kids kept giving me hugs when I left. Even little Christina said "bye". Tell your Mom I said "Hi" and love her.
Love Deb