Saturday, October 11, 2008

October 11 - Quiet Day

Today was rather uneventful. Mom sat up in the chair for awhile, but her caregivers opted for the Vander Lift to move her there. (It seems she didn't do as well as they had hoped yesterday when they assisted her to walk to the chair.)

It was a glorious, golden autumn day today, and Mom has a beautiful view of colorful trees and distant mountains from her chair by the window.

She was delighted to see 9-month-old Joshua Ross, from her nursery Sunday School class, and his parents. The feeling was mutual--big smiles all around!!

Mom said a couple of words, but not too much today.

Dad and Alice came down also, and picked up Lois to go back up to Gorham with us so she can go to church tomorrow. When she told Chris that, he said "Maybe you'll get spiritual one of these days!"

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Aunt Jane said...

I love you both and of course your mom....praying much for His will in all these things...give all my great nieces and nephews hugs and kisses...Aunt Jane