Friday, June 19, 2009

Cleaning out

The last few weeks, the cleaning-out process of Mom & Dad's house in Gorham has progressed steadily. My husband Jack and our children arrived on June 9 and Jack has been a great help. He is much better than I at staying focused on the task at hand and not getting distracted by reading all the fascinating things we find. :-)

Frankly, the situation is a strain on all of us. We would really appreciate your prayers. We are trying to spot items that Mom & Dad might want, particularly photos, and give those to them. However the sheer volume is staggering . . . boxes and boxes and boxes of photos. We have tried to sift through and take the "good" ones. This has not been satisfactory, as Mom wanted all those double prints and multiple similar photos to give to other people. (sigh) The problem is that their apt. simply does not have the space.

Mom has asked about other items as well, and it is hard to say, "Sorry Mom, that's gone." It is hard on her, because she feels that her home and possessions have been snatched away without her consent.

Tomorrow Jack and I and the children are going to Maine for Father's Day weekend. We will stay at Aunt Jane & Uncle Danny's farm Saturday night. Plans include a baby shower for my cousin's wife, eating out with Mom & Dad, and of course going to church with Mom on Sunday. Dad still hasn't gotten out to church.

Thanks so much for caring about our family! God is good. We need Him.