Tuesday, October 7, 2008

October 7

Sorry for the couple of days with no update. As several of you have guessed, no news is indeed good news.

Lois came up to Gorham on Saturday and stayed two nights with Dad and I. It was good to be together in church on Sunday--Lois was going through "church withdrawal." :-) She and I were able to do a little organizing. We tackled a few shelves in the pantry . . . our winner was a 1979 jar of pickles! :-)

This afternoon when we returned to the hospital, Mom was sitting up in her chair. She still nods and smiles, and said TWO words today--"Hi" and "Yeah." Woo-hoo!!

For the last several days she has been very reluctant to open her eyes, and has indicated several times that her head aches. When asked if the light is too bright she shakes her head "No." So we think it is because her glasses are missing. We surmise they were destroyed in the accident, because she was not wearing them when the emergency personnel reached her, and they were not found in her car. So we are going to try to get her a new pair as soon as possible.

She was moved OUT of the Neuro Special Care Unit and into a REGULAR room this evening!! Next stop--rehab center!! Not sure when, but probably in a week or two.

Thanks so much for all your concern, prayers, love, cards, and gifts. They are such an encouragement and give us strength to go on. God bless you.

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Aunt Jane said...

Hi, What did you do with the pickles???I hope that you didn't throw them away...they will still be fine!!!hahahahaha.
I know that it is hard to know what to do, but you are doing fine just following your instinct...
Good news that your Mom will be moved to rehab soon, I am praying that I will be able to get to see her soon, esp. if she is closer and I can drive that far.
God Bless you as you do all these things for your parents. I pray that you will know what the Lord would have you to do surrounding these decisions that you will be making in the next few days and weeks.
I love you much, tell your mom she is loved....Aunt Jane