Tuesday, September 30, 2008

From the home front

Greetings from Gorham, where Dad and I are keeping house. Wanted to share an encouraging development here today! Cathy, a friend of Mom's from the Historical Society, stopped by this morning. She lives one street over, and wants to help! She offered to check on Dad regularly for us, at no charge--as often as twice a day, if we wanted. She said that because she does not work a regular job, she could give him rides or do errands for him also. She enjoys this type of volunteer work, and has helped in similar ways with several other friends.

We have been praying, and asking you to pray, that God would show us what to do for Dad--he wants to stay home, and we feel he will do best here, at least for now. So this offer touched me deeply and I told Cathy that we had been praying for just such a thing. Besides regular visits, she is someone he could call if a problem arose that he could not handle, and she is close by.

So we are encouraged that the Lord seems to be providing help for Dad! Cathy plans to leave in December for the rest of the winter, but her offer of help buys us a couple of months anyway.

We will continue to trust and wait on the Lord, step by step, down this road He is walking us along. We know His way is best.


Debbie said...

Been having trouble getting
"blogged-in" :o)
I know God's will is going to be done. Will keep praying for wisdom and direction for all concerned. Enjoying having Chris and kids with me. Love you both,

Drea said...

Any new updates? - Drea