Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday, October 19

Lois hopped on a plane yesterday and is now reunited with her family in Virginia. I (Alice) am still in Florida, for two more weeks. So our Mom updates have to be gleaned from the nurses, and friends and family who are able to visit in person! If you get to see Mom, we would love a phone call to share how she was doing while you were there.

Her nurse today reported not too much change. She answers some questions appropriately, and other things she doesn't seem to comprehend.

She has become quite attached to an adorable little stuffed dog that Lois got her. She likes to put him on her shoulder, and she told the nurse that his name is "President." Hmm . . . maybe I'll write him in on Election Day!

Mom's vital signs, blood sugar levels, and other physical indicators are all good!! We are thankful for that. She continues to receive supplemental feeding through her tube, at night and also when she eats less than 50% of her meals.

Thank you for your prayers, concern, and support! Our family appreciates it so much!!

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Aunt Jane said...

Goodmorning, I trust you both and families are doing ok...Lois, you got home ok? I plan to go to Portland tomorrow to see your Mom. I will go shortly after lunch, I think. Aunt Betty went yesterday and Aunt Becky plans to go on Thursday. Alice, will you have to move out of the apartment in Fla? or will you be able to go back to it? I will be praying much for you all....Love you, Aunt Jane