Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A New Chapter - New England Rehabilitation Hospital of Portland (ME)

Mom's care coordinator at Dartmouth-Hitchcock announced this morning that she was going to Portland today! CMMC (in Lewiston ME) refused her because after reviewing her charts, they do not think she is ready for rehab yet. Her DHMC care team believes strongly that she IS ready, and we find it puzzling that CMMC would disagree . . . how could they, not being with her, know better than those who are?

At any rate, we have been praying fervently that the Lord would direct our steps, and so we must trust Him that Portland is indeed the best place for Mom.

In all honesty, today was stressful, especially for Lois who was alone on the "front line" because Alice is back in Florida at the moment. DHMC informed us that because Medicare would only cover 30 miles of the ambulance transport, it would cost $1,200. (discounted!) And they needed all of that money today, up front. And if Mom stayed at DHMC another night, Medicare wouldn't cover it, which would cost even more than the ambulance.

We opted to use credit cards, not seeing any other means of procuring the money in half an hour. And we told DHMC, as kindly as possible, that advance notice would have been helpful. We are grateful for the discount, and for all the wonderful care Mom has received. And we know the Lord has it all under control.

At least Lois, and her luggage, were able to ride in the ambulance too!

So Mom is now safely at the New England Rehabilitation Hospital of Portland (http://www.nerhp.org/) The address is 335 Brighton Avenue, Portland, ME 04102-2374. Phone number is 207-775-4000.

Tonight, Lois is staying at a hostel nearby. She is planning to travel to Virginia, probably via Amtrak, to join her husband and children within the next few days. She is eager to begin their homeschool year!

Jack and Alice and our children are planning to drive back to NH on Nov. 3, and stay three months. God has worked out many details to confirm this decision. We are praying Mom will be able to return home and resume life as before. But even if that will be possible, there is much that needs doing in the meantime.

Dad is set up with Senior Meals, his Medical Alert button, and good friends who are checking on him, doing his laundry, helping him with rides, etc. We are grateful for this support, and are praying that God will keep him safe.

Thank you so much for your prayers!!! God is answering--Mom is steadily improving, and He is guiding our steps and providing all we need. So please, keep on!!


amykrut said...

We have been praying every day. I hope that rehab is a blessing and everything goes smoothly. I am glad you get to come back for three months and get your Mom's house ready. I think about you two, Sis's. I wish I lived closer and could help. All I get to do is check the blog each day and pray. Send my love to MOM Ames. Amy

Mary Lou said...

I have just been studying the NE Rehab Hosp of Maine (Portland) and this sounds like a fantastic facility for your Mom. It will be a lot of work for her and for you, but having the family involved will certainly be key to her recovery. Mary Jane is a fighter and no doubt she will make great progress. Ralph and I join in prayer and look forward to more of the positive news. Bless you all! Love to you all, The Fourniers