Thursday, October 2, 2008

One more tidbit

Lois asked me to also share that Mom swallowed some purple ice chips today! The color is added so it will be obvious if they don't go down the right way, and appear in the tracheostomy tube.

When the therapist tried feeding them to her, she was not eager to open her mouth. (Probably wondering what on earth those wierd-colored crystals were!) But once they got the spoon in, she closed her lips around it nicely, and did very well swallowing. Another good sign!!!!! Thank the Lord.


Mary Lou said...

We are so happy to know that your Mom is improving! The news is so encouraging! Please let her know that we miss her and look forward to seeing her back at the clothesline (that's our private joke)! Our love to all of you.
Ralph and Mary Lou
Ralph is still getting the great progress reports out to the neighbors!

June said...

Love to get these updates and see her progression every day. It's like being there. Praying daily for you all. Know this is hard on you girls.