Friday, September 11, 2009

Ameses here and there

Greetings! Sorry it's been awhile since we've updated. Several have mentioned they still check this regularly--thanks for your interest, your patience and your prayers!!

The cellulitis in Dad's legs seems to be under control at the moment. He is still experiencing a lot of weakness and shakiness, which limits his activity. It is hard to put model trains on the track when your hand is shaking.

Tests show no sign of stroke. His neurologist has diagnosed him with Parkinson's, and he has begun taking medication to help control those symptoms.

Mom is seeing improvement in her ability to comprehend what she reads. She is so pleased, especially to read her Bible again.

Their house in Gorham is still for sale. We are thankful for wonderful neighbors; Susan who is keeping the lawn mowed, and Lucille who is keeping an eye on the place. Mom & Dad's homeowner insurance dropped them because the property is no longer owner-occupied, which caused them a lot of anxiety, especially because the realtor contract requires insurance coverage. Thankfully, their agent found a policy that covers vacant property. The premiums are rather expensive though.

I helped Mom submit a claim for her lengthy hospitalization last fall to an insurance policy that pays cash benefits to the patient, and this week she was thrilled to receive a check in the mail! That was a big blessing.

Lois and Chris and family spent August in Maine, much to Mom & Dad's delight. They put up more shelves in Mom & Dad's apt. and helped them organize more stuff; and Mom got to play with her grandchildren. Dad enjoyed them too!

Now Lois and Chris are in Florida, visiting us for a week! They have tickets to return to Ecuador at the end of September.

Please pray for Aunt Jane and Aunt Betty, who have been a great help to Mom and Dad with transportation and laundry. They are experiencing health challenges of their own and cannot be as available for the next few weeks. We are grateful for my cousin Stephen who is also helping a lot with errands.

God is good and faithful! We rest in His care and provision for all of us. Thank you so much for praying for our family.