Thursday, October 9, 2008

October 9

Mom is breathing normally now for the first time since the accident three weeks ago! The speech therapist came in today and put a cap on Mom's trache tube, so she would breathe through her mouth and nose only. Not even a flicker of an eyelash to indicate it made any difference to Mom! Her oxygen level remains very good, usually between 95-100%. The speech therapist said that if she continues to do well for 24 hours, they will talk about removing the thacheostomy tube altogether. Yeah! I said to Mom, "Wow, Mom--one more step toward being normal again!" She gave a great big smile.

Mom got a dose of "grandchildren therapy" today, because my (Lois's) husband, Chris, decided to drive through the night last night from Michigan to get to New Hampshire today. The kids and he all arrived just after noon, and Mom gave a great big grin when she saw them all troop in! Of course, I was thrilled to see them too! Chris is sleeping in the hotel right now while I watch the kids. We just left "Nanny's" room to come down here to the computer lab, so that she wouldn't get distracted while the nurse was trying to get her to eat some supper. At this point in time, grandchildren are a whole lot more interesting than pureed green beans!

We received word that the Central Maine Medical Ctr. in Lewiston, ME turned down Mom for admittance for acute rehab, so they are going to re-submit it. "If at first you don't succeed, try and try again!" If it gets blocked again, the next choice would be Portland, ME, followed by Concord, NH. I am praying that God would get her in where HE wants her to be. Thanks for praying with us on this.


Mary Lou said...

Hello to you all! I have just read your blog and I am sure that you are disappointed that Central Maine did not accept your Mom. Her care must be just a little beyond their scope of rehab. I cannot say enough about Concord Hosp and the Rehab facility is right beside it. I have had my two hip replacements at Concord Hosp. and am now scheduled for a total knee replacement! One of the staff at the Learning Center and her husband were in a terrible accident a little over a year ago. He was flown to Dartmouth also, and from there did go to Concord Rehab. In addition, I have been treating with a pulmonologist at Concord Hosp. for over a year! Be of good cheer my dears, we send our Love and continue to pray for all of you. ps the hosp. will give you a list of places to stay that have special rates for patients families (not quite at the Hostel level, but the cafeteria is excellent and a great savings).

Debbie said...

Lois, if Chris & kids need to stay at my house at all they are more than welcome. I will not be there as I am leaving for VT this afternoon until sunday. Great about your Mom. Yeahhhh. Perhaps if she has the trach tube out when they re-submit to Lewiston, they will take her. But we know that God knows best, don't we?
Hang in there.
Love, Deb