Friday, October 31, 2008

Friday, October 31 - Another transition in sight!

Mom's case mgr. at New England Rehab called today to talk about discharge plans!! Woo-hoo!

Mom has made great progress, but she will continue to need full-time care for awhile. After some discussion, we decided that the most logical next step is a transfer to a skilled nursing/rehab facility near home. We will be applying to St. Vincent de Paul Rehab and Nursing Ctr. in Berlin NH, and she could arrive there next week!

The timing is excellent, as our family plans to leave Florida on Monday and will also, God willing, be arriving in Berlin/Gorham next week. :-) We are so thankful for how He is working everything out.

You have been so faithful to pray and care for our family during this ordeal. Thank you . . . and now, as we look toward the future, may we ask that you pray for that as well?

To be very frank, Mom and Dad may never be able to live independently again. My father continues to resist the idea of selling their house and moving to somewhere more manageable. I would love to have them near us, where I could be the assistance in their assisted living! My mom would be willing, but Dad says "never."

So would you please pray that God will work in his heart and help him to see that this would be the best for everyone, including himself? Thank you . . . again.


Mary Lou said...

Woo Hoo !!!! How fortunate that there is a bed available at St. Vincents! Ted Miller's Mom has been a heart patient there and I understand is being transferred to Genesis Home in Lancaster. One step at a time...the Lord will speak to your Dad's heart in his own time.

Aunt Jane said...

Hi, all this news sounds so wonderful....It will be so good for you all to be together in one small space!!! I will be praying for you all on your trip up, will you be able to see Lois and Chris on the way? God Bless you and have a great trip!!!! I love you, Aunt Jane