Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday, February 2, 2009

John and Mary Jane are back to "normal" in that they are at home together, while Alice and family have gone back to Florida, and Lois and family have gone back to Virginia.

They are managing pretty well with senior meals, housekeeping help, and friends from church helping with transportation.

However, all of our family and friends, with the important exception of John, feel that they should sell their house and move into a safer, more manageable environment close to family. John is determined to "stick it out right here." However his advancing Alzheimer's, combined with Mom's still-frail health, make that unlikely.

Mom now recognizes this, and wants to prepare to move, possibly to an assisted-living apartment, in summer of 2010. This will involve disposing of 40 years of accumulated "stuff." Unfortunately, she does not have the energy yet to work very much on that.

So we appreciate everyone who is helping them in so many ways, and appreciate your prayers that God would keep them safe and give them the grace and strength to handle this difficult season of their lives.