Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wednesday, October 29

Jack & I went yesterday morning to vote (Florida has early voting) and when we got home, there was a voice mail message from . . . Mom! It was so awesome to hear her dear familiar voice on the machine!! There was a period of silence while she hunted for words . . . but she was able to give her bedside phone number so we could call her back!

Which we did, and had great conversation. She sounds so like herself now! Some words still get mixed up or can't be located, but she manages to be understood.

Aunt Betty called us yesterday evening also, because she had visited Mom during the day and was delighted. Mom understands what happened to her, where she is, and knew Dad had been to visit, but she wasn't sure where he was yesterday. Aunt Betty told her he is waiting for her at home.

Our friends Pastor John and Rosalie Holliday visited her today. Here is his account:
"As we walked into Mary Jane's room, she was lying on her bed . . .
She rolled over, put her feet over the side of her bed, stood up, with NO difficulty -- and with more agility than I have - PTL . . . gave Rosalie and I both hugs, and then sat down again on her bed.

We chatted for about 20 minutes and then we had a word of prayer and left. I found Mary Jane, in my opinion, GREATLY IMPROVED since I saw her 6 days ago.. Most of her facts were clear -- or clear enough that we could understand what she was saying or meaning to say.

Mom did admit yesterday that she still feels confused. When I told her we are thrilled with how much she is remembering and able to say, she said "Well it's a lot of mixed-up mess to me!" :-) I asked her if she had her Bible, which Lois and I had taken to her near the end of her stay at Dartmouth, and she didn't think so. I don't know if it was left at Dartmouth and mailed back to Gorham, or if it's in her room somewhere. She is reading a little bit now, but that may still be too much for her. She can read her own cards though! :-)

Please keep praying that God would bring her ALL the way back, if that would glorify Him. And thanks for also praying for my dad, as he waits for her to come home.

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Mary Lou said...

Alice and Jack...we look forward to seeing you next week and pray that you will have a safe trip. Be sure to pack your long-johns! I am sure that your parents will all be doing better because of your stay.