Friday, October 10, 2008

October 10

Three weeks ago today Mom was in the ICU on the ventilator, with who knows how many IV medications going into her, in a coma, and the doctors were saying they did not know when she would wake up, if at all. Today she got out of bed (with two people helping) and moved over to a wheelchair, without the assistance of the VanderLift! She is breathing on her own, and so far has had no complications with it whatsoever. She has no IV's, and the feeding tube is turned off during the day to encourage her to eat "real" food.

Of course Mom is still on the pureed diet, but this hospital food service goes to great lengths to mold the pureed food so that it looks as much like the original form as possible, and the plate actually looks appetizing. She ate about 90% of her supper last night--the nurses were really proud of her. This morning she was not very hungry, but since her tube feed has been off all day long there is hope for tonight.

I spoke with the Physician's Assistant working on the neurology team with Mom, and she said that Mom is doing fabulous. She is following commands much better than at first, and it is clear that she truly understands what is being said to her. The PA said that they are talking about removing the tracheostomy tube on Monday, and Mom would be ready for discharge on Tuesday if she continues to do as well as she is right now! She also said that the removal of the trache tube would expand her options for acute rehab facilities. So keep on praying about that! The one in Concord has been highly recommended to us, and that may be the one God wants her in; but we are just thinking that Lewiston would be much less distance to travel for her family who live in the Oxford Hills, Maine area. We know that the Lord will guide because He has promised to do that over and over in His Word.

We were able to get Mom's glasses replaced, and they have been completely paid for due to the generosity of God's people. Thank you so much!! The oculist who made them for us said that if there is a problem with them, if the bifocal height is off or if her prescription has changed due to the aneurysm, that they will re-make the lenses at no charge within a two-to-three-month period. Isn't God good?! (We had asked if her vision was likely to be affected due to the aneurysm, but the nurses said that the visual center of the brain was not involved at all with the bleeding--so her sight should be unchanged.)

It is so neat to hear everyone say how great Mom is doing, and be able to give the glory to our wonderful Lord. We tell everyone that she has hundreds of people praying for her all over the world. Of course my prayer is that God would choose to glorify Himself by completely restoring Mom to health. It's awesome to see Him answering!

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