Saturday, October 25, 2008

Saturday, October 25

We called Mom today!!

Mom had called Lois this week, so I've been hoping she might call me too. Then I realized Lois must have left her phone number with the nurses, but they didn't have mine . . . they do now! :-)

Our conversation was lengthy, lucid, laughing . . . wonderful. Mom is expressing herself so much more clearly than she was a week ago! She understands why she is where she is, and remembers who has been to see her. Names and details come hard, but she realizes the reason, and is good-humored about it. She called me "Jack" and we both laughed. I told her I knew who she meant! She said she has to go through everybody's name before she gets the right one.

She talked with Danielle and Evan too. (I think that was enjoyable speech therapy! :-) They understood that her words would get mixed up, and they were very patient, and helped her with words she couldn't think of.

We talked a little bit about how I would be there to help her when she can go home. She is looking forward to that!! She said "That will be great!"

Physically she is doing well also. She ate 100% of her breakfast this morning! And she is walking down the hall and back with a walker now. My dad got down to visit yesterday, with George Melvin . . . thanks George!!

So we continue to be very encouraged by her rapid progress. THANK YOU for praying!!

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Mary Lou said...

Your news just keeps getting better! We are so happy for all of you. We have sent her cards.
We look forward to seeing you all when you get here! When will you be leaving to come up? We assume you will be driving. Sending love, The Fourniers.