Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday, October 17

This morning Lois said Mom wasn't feeling so well, but she seemed to get stronger as the day progressed, and was quite chipper when I (Alice) talked with her on the phone this afternoon!! It was wonderful. She sounds like herself, and she called me "Sweethaht" with that great Maine accent. I told her that our family is planning to drive up there soon, and she replied that the whole group of us is coming! That was a long sentence for her to get out, and I was so excited.

I asked her how the weather was there, and she said it was "falling." That was pretty close, since it is fall! She tried to say some other things that came out garbled. Then she laughed ruefully, and said "Oh dear!" It is so wonderful to hear her laugh.

Physical therapy worked with her today also, having her lean over on each side, then forward and back, and raise herself back upright again. Lois said it was obviously very difficult for her, but she worked hard and did it! We are so proud of her.

Dad likes the Senior Meals he's been receiving, and says he's doing fine. Thanks so much to all who are helping and checking on him!

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marie said...

Your Mom's progress is amazing...she has accomplished so much in these few weeks! It is that Yankee Determination! (plus the good care and a lot of prayers)
Lorraine called today for news and is so pleased that you are staying in touch. Ralph's mission continues to be a laison between our computer and the neighbors.
Does she speak of 'home' yet? I am so pleased that your Dad has accepted the services at home.
We send our Love.