Monday, September 29, 2008

September 29

Dad & I (Alice) drove 2 1/2 hrs. down to see Mom this afternoon, then waited for 1 1/2 hours before we got in. First she was having a test done, then physical therapy. Poor Dad got a bit frustrated.

However, when we were finally standing beside her bed, it was exciting to see her positioned much more upright. And we were told that the physical therapists previously had her sitting up on the edge of the bed!!

She was also very alert today! She smiles, and nods her head to indicate understanding of what you are saying to her. But there is still some disconnect. The rehab doctor asked her to squeeze with her left hand, which has the most movement. She smiled and nodded--but no squeeze. She did wiggle her toes though, and her right arm large muscles are working now.

Also encouraging is that the secretions in her lungs seem to be clearing out. Thanks for praying!

We continue to seek wisdom for choosing the right rehab facility, and the right means of supporting Dad Ames through this time. There is no clear solution for him yet.

We appreciate your prayers so much!!

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