Thursday, September 25, 2008

September 25

After the excitement of Mom's opening her eyes briefly last night, she did not do it at all today. However--drum roll please--she did scratch her nose! :-) It is good that she can control her movements enough to do that. Her left hand is the only one moving though; her right arm lies motionless. The doctors did say that her right side, and her speech, are likely to be affected.

She is still wearing her compression sleeve on her right arm, and her right hand is quite swollen around it. Lois and I have notified the nurses about her lymphedema and they are keeping an eye on it. We are hoping Charlene, her longtime therapist here at DHMC, may be able to do some therapy on it soon.

This afternoon, an angiogram revealed she is still experiencing some "vasospasm" - narrowing of the blood vessels in the brain, caused by irritation from the catheter during the coil insertion procedure last Thursday. So they are keeping her blood pressure slightly high to prevent the vessels from narrowing too much.

Chris and the children are in town tonight so Lois is staying with them at a motel. The hostel moved me to a different room, much more spacious than the tiny room where Lois and I were last night . . . and I have it all to myself! :-)

Evenings at the hostel there is soup or stew available, along with bread and fruit. Tonight the soup was cream of mushroom. :-)

Thank you so much for the comments! It is encouraging to read them and know you are praying. Please continue praying for healing for Mom, comfort and strength for Dad, and wisdom & strength for Lois & I as we seek to make the best decisions about both Mom & Dad's care. And also for our husbands and children. The situation is starting to wear on all of us.

We want God to be glorified through us. So we trust Him to do what is best.


Aunt Jane said...

Goodmorning to you both...You are doing so well, I know that it is hard on both families and am praying that you will know just what to do and just when to do it. I love you much and am praying for all of you, God Bless you both and your Mom today....Love, Aunt Jane

Cindy said...

Can totally sympathize with the strain this puts are you and the family. We know that God is doing a great work in everyone involved, even us who are continually praying for you.
WE love you

Drea said...

Thank you so much for the updates. I've been keeping my parents and my grand mother updated with her progress. You all are in our prayers. Love to all!

- Andrea "Drea" Chevarie

Mary Lou said...

We watch patiently for your news. You must be a little more encouraged. We are now sharing the news with Lorraine Roy as well as Lucille and Susan, the neighbors. Ralph has a route of photo copy deliveries.
Under his Mercy,
Mary Lou and Ralph

rgcard said...

Pastor Waite let me know about your Mom. I am appreciating your updates. I will continue in prayer. I am thankful to know the Blessed Controler of all things.

Gail Card

amykrut said...

Alice and Lois, We are praying for you. Your Mom is such a strong person and wonderful prayer warrior. She sent me a nice note welcoming Emily into our family. We are praying for her to be a great blessing to those around her and for your continued well being. LOVE DEN< AMY & KIDS