Saturday, September 20, 2008

September 18

Just want to ask you to please pray for my Mom & Dad in New Hampshire. My mom, Mary Jane, had a brain aneurysm burst this morning while driving, causing her to have a car accident. She was flown to Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center with bleeding on the brain.

An Interventional Radiologist (quite the job title!) inserted a coil in the aneurysm to prevent future bleeding. But he warned us that there was significant bleeding and pressure that built up before they could get a drain inserted. She may experience some dysfunction in speech, and strength on her right side. Lord willing, if this is the case it should be temporary, as the blood will eventually be re-absorbed into the body.

He said we should expect her to remain hospitalized at DHMC for two weeks, with the possibility of a rehab center after that. One miracle for which we praise God is that my sister Lois, a missionary in Ecuador, and her family "happen" to be on furlough and in the area, and could be with her today. My dad, John, at 78 is quite frail and has early-stage Alzheimer's. He is at home, and quite calm, which is an answer to prayer!! Pastor Jon and our church family are being wonderful about making sure he will be OK while she is hospitalized.

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