Sunday, September 28, 2008

September 28

This is Alice back again for today. Mom continues to be alert off and on, looking at people and smiling some, then quickly closing her eyes to rest. Jack's sister Cindy and her family visited this afternoon, and Marshall & Marion Santy.

The nurses are concerned about fluid that is building up in Mom's lungs, a common problem when someone is lying still for so long. She does cough occasionally, but it is weak.

An encouraging step today--she is moving her right arm!! She had been moving the left one, but until today the right one was lying limp.

I'm staying at Mom & Dad's house in Gorham with Dad this week. He and I will probably drive down to see her tomorrow. I doubt we'll go every day though, maybe every two days or so, as it is a five-hour round trip. I would like to do some housecleaning for them. The house really needs it.

Lois is still staying at the Upper Valley Hostel, close to Mom. She will probably do most of the blog posts this week.

We continue to ask you to please pray for wisdom to choose the right rehab facility when Mom is ready, and to see clearly whether or not Dad can live safely alone. (and if he can't . . . that we would know the right alternative!)

We praise the Lord for his blessings: the good care Mom is receiving, the progress she has made already, the ability for Lois & I to be here, the love and help of our church family, the use of a good (and fuel-efficient!) car, and that Dad is wearing his new Medical Alert button without complaint. God is good, and as John Holliday says, He has yet to make His first mistake! So we trust His plan to unfold in His time, and that He will be glorified in it all.


Trish said...

Praise the Lord for your Mom!

June said...

We keep hearing about the little things that are happening to give us all encouragement. We continue to pray for a complete recovery and much wisdom for you girls as you make difficult decisions. Love you.