Tuesday, September 30, 2008

September 30

There is not too much change today from yesterday; the doctors had warned us to expect changes in terms of weeks and months as opposed to days. However, her face is looking more and more like "Mom." Her sweet personality shines forth through her trademark smile regularly, and she even accepts the nurses' poking and prodding without a whimper, even when it causes her discomfort.

This morning when I walked into her room I noticed that they had changed her trache tube somewhat. They took her off the old apparatus and now they have just the stub of the tube attached to her throat. They have replaced the breathing tube with one which connects to a bubble-like "mask" which covers the stub and is easily removable. This is in preparation for her removal to the neuro special care unit, which is a step down from the ICU. Rob, Mom's nurse today, told me that she would not be moved today, but possibly it would happen tomorrow or Thursday.

Rob said that Mom's lung secretions have diminished drastically, and now are almost nil. Praise the Lord! He is answering your prayers.

Mom does still have the "brain drain" in (I guess that's as good a term as any), and the amount of fluid draining has not diminished any that I know of. So there is still swelling in her head that does not allow proper circulation of the spinal/cerebral fluid. They have told me that as long as she has that drain in she cannot be moved to a regular room but will have to stay in the special care units. Please continue to pray that God would make the swelling go away.

They have determined that she has not had problems with vasospasms recently, and so are allowing her blood pressure to return down to its normal level. This means that the arteries in her head are done with their protest of the coiling procedure and have decided that they will now stay open as they are supposed to do, and not spasm shut to slow down blood flow to the brain. This is a good thing--it is very bad when the cerebral arteries decide to go on strike!

Mom often nods her head in seeming understanding of what I say to her. She seems to comprehend information given her, but when what is said to her requires some interaction or response on her part, it seems like we are not quite connecting. Ali mentioned this in her blog yesterday. Mom has the sweetest smile on her face, and she nods in agreement to what you say to her, but does not do the action that you request of her. And it is not because she is physically incapable, because we have seen her do what we are asking her to do--but somehow the connection is not being made yet. The resident neurologist on Mom's case told us yesterday that she expects this to improve as the blood pooled in her head is reabsorbed into the tissue surrounding it.

Mom has received numerous get-well cards made and signed with love from lots of people, and I know they are all special to her. Thank you so much for your care and concern! You are a huge part of her recovery, and your prayers are moving God's hand on her behalf. Keep on keeping on!


Aunt Jane said...

Thank you so much Lois for writing early today, I try to stay up past 8, but you know me!! I am so encouraged by the things you are writing about your Mom...God Bless you all, Much love, Aunt Jane

Mary Lou said...

Hello my dear I have had a hard time getting my blog set up, but hopefully this will work. we do want you to know that we pray continually for all of your family and your Mom. Ralph copies your messages and delivers them to Lucille (downstairs) and Mrs. Cross (across the street) and we pass the word on to Lorraine Roy. Please know that we all send love and Prayers. His light shines and His Will shall be done.