Saturday, September 20, 2008

September 19

Today we found out that it will be several more days before the doctors allow Mom to come out of sedation. So we won't know until early next week what loss of function she may experience. The doctors warned us that it could be significant.

Her neurological function is better than it was yesterday, and has remained stable today.She is moving her arms and legs a lot, which is encouraging. And she is breathing mostly on her own, although the ventilator tube remains in place to ensure her airway remains clear.

Jack and I have decided that I should come up to NH. I'll be flying into Manchester Sunday evening. Not sure how long I'll be up there. Jack has been great, urging me to go and stay until the situation becomes more definite and we can make needed arrangements.Thanks so much to all of you for praying. We have told the nurses that many people are praying for her! Thank you also for all your offers of help. We feel blessed and cared for by the Lord and by all of you, and it is a privilege.

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