Saturday, September 20, 2008

September 20, 3 pm

Today Mom has been running a slight temperature and perspiring, so they have given her a tepid bath and Tylenol. They also sent some cultures for testing to check for infection.

Her neurological condition remains "stable." They removed the shunt from her brain, as it was no longer draining. They don't plan to replace it unless her neurological function takes a turn for the worse.

Her nurse said that her arm movements seem more purposeful today, which is encouraging! We are so thankful for the good care she is receiving. Also for all of your prayers, and the many offers of help!!

As far as we know, they are still planning to allow her to come out of sedation and remove the breathing tube on Monday. Our prayer is that the Lord will allow her to wake up and regain full use of her faculties.

The plan for next week is that Lois and I will be rooming together at the Upper Valley Hostel in Hanover, two miles from the hospital. We will have the use of Jack's parents' car, which is a blessing. We will probably go up to spend some time with Dad also, and maybe bring him down to visit Mom if she is awake and he is feeling up to that. Chris is planning to take their children to the missions conference in Hermon, ME where they were scheduled.

In all of this we trust the Lord's care and direction for our family, and we pray He will use us for His glory.


Aunt Jane said...

Dear Alice and Lois, I am praying so much for you all. I love you both....Aunt Jane

Aunt Jane said...

Hi, am praying for you as you fly today Alice, and for you Lois as you are with your mom. God bless you both, I love you, Aunt Jane