Wednesday, September 24, 2008

September 24

A positive step forward today is that Mom is breathing, through her trach tube, without a ventilator! She has not suffered any respiratory distress either, which is a big plus.

She is not responding to us yet, but a couple of times today I thought I might have seen an eyelid flicker, and she seems to be displaying more facial expressions. She still grabs at her tubes if given the chance, which is a good sign also. A nurse practitioner, who is helping us think about rehab options, suggested that as long as we are by her side, we can remove her wrist restraints. That will allow her a bit more comfort and freedom; we just have to stand ready to catch her so she can't pull anything out.

As long as Mom continues stable, they are talking about moving her to a step-down unit, Neurological Surgical Care, in the next couple of days.

We have ordered a Medical Alert button for Dad Ames to wear that will enable to him to call for help if he falls, which he agreed was a good idea. (Thank you Lord!) He very much wants to continue living in his home. While we are concerned for his physical safety, we know that his well-being also includes his mental and emotional health, and we desire to balance all three. We are concerned that forcing him from his home, on top of the great loss he has already suffered, may trigger a rapid decline in his mental state. We are thankful for the help of our church family, and, fervently praying for God's wisdom, we are researching options for ongoing support for him.

Lois and I are feeling God's strength. We have taken time each day to go for a walk outside in the crisp, clear air, seeing the trees starting to turn colors. Our times of prayer together have been precious as well. We have both been emotional, but so far not at the same time. :-) It is such a blessing that we can be together here. We do miss our families though, and knowing they are missing us is difficult. Yesterday Regan (5) asked me, "Are you on the plane to come back?"

We know our God, Who cares about the sparrow, cares about His servants even more. He will not abandon us, and we trust Him to lead and direct our steps.

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Mary Lou said...

We are so happy to hear that there is some progress, Praise the Lord. Ralph has made copies of your message and is delivering the news to Lucille (downstairs) and to Susan Cross, the neighbor across from us. We send our Love to you all. So glad your Dad will have the Medic-Alert. We try to watch him. (I used to keep an eye on your aunt Leona too!)
Under His Mercy, Mary Lou and Ralph Fournier