Monday, September 22, 2008

September 22, Part B

More news to report: Today's CAT scan showed the areas of fluid in Mom's brain have not gotten any larger. However, they have re-inserted a drain, primarily to be able to monitor the pressure in her head better.

Tomorrow they plan to perform a tracheostomy so that her breathing tube can be inserted below her vocal chords, which helps prevent damage to the vocal chords and will also be more comfortable for her. In addition, they plan to insert her feeding tube directly through her side into her stomach. Amazingly, both these procedures can be done in the ICU, not in the operating room, and I believe are scheduled for 11 am.

Aunt Betty and Uncle Ted are planning to pick Dad up about 9 am and bring him down for a visit. We will have lunch together and hope Mom's procedures will be finished so that we can see her after that.

When she might wake up is still known only by God. One nurse said that many times she had seen patients like Mom wake up and be just fine. Another told us it is often a long, gradual process, measured in months rather than weeks, as the brain slowly heals. A discharge planner came in to intoduce herself, asking if we had any plans for long-term care. We have some preliminary ideas, that need to be discussed with Dad. Please pray that all three of us would be in agreement on what would be best.


Aunt Jane said...

Good morning to both of you, just wanted to let you know that you are well prayed for!! I will be praying that all goes well today with your dad coming to see your mom. God Bless you and give you an encouraging day. I love you both, Aunt Jane

Debbie said...

Good morning Alice & Lois. I pray the procedures go well this morning. I feel I can understand what you both are going through, since I have had many a times in the past watching Dave go through the breathing tube coming out and being reinserted many times, feeding tubes, drains, and such. It's quite a rollercoaster, but nice when you have the Lord with you. I love you two. Deb

L-DUB said...

We heard about your Mom in an email from Jon Holiday and called Amy to find out more.

Praying for all of you!

Larry - Boog ;)