Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dr. Visit today

Dad got to see beautiful Maine autumn colored leaves during a ride in a wheelchair van today, to a follow-up appointment with the surgeon who operated on him. The doctor was pleased--he had not been sure Dad would survive this long after the surgery. Dad was encouraged by the visit. He hadn't eaten anything this week until tonight, when he drank several ounces of his nutrition shake for dinner! :-)

It has been an "up-and-down" week for him, with some days stronger than others. He's been sitting up at least an hour on most days, to keep him from getting pneumonia. His therapists are also trying to build up his strength with walking and other exercises for his legs and arms. They had him remove his own shirt yesterday, which he managed, although with great difficulty.

He continues to be fed through the feeding tube. That is going directly into his small intestine, as the stomach continues to heal from the surgery.

On another note, my sister Lois texted me that there was an attempted coup in Ecuador today, and the situation is quite unstable this evening. They are staying indoors, because the police are on strike and it is not safe to be out. So she has asked for prayer for peace.


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