Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Pretty Good Day

Dad drank about 4 oz. of a nutritious strawberry shake at lunch today! This is in addition to 75 ml/hr. through his feeding tube.

Dad was sitting in a wheelchair when Mom got there late this morning. (She had a dr. appt. of her own earlier in the day.) Mom is going to see if he could be wheeled to their apt. for a short visit with Josey (their cat). Dad loves Josey, and that prospect would be motivational for him.

Dad has been a little confused; he asked Mom when they would be moving to Ledgeview. Mom explained to him that they were already there, just living in different wings of the building at the moment. He seemed to understand, but she's not sure if he'll remember.

Interestingly, after complaining about the TV that his roommate watches, Dad has been watching it occasionally! Mom said he seemed interested in a cooking show today, and even put his hearing aid in. :-)

There was no problem with nausea today, and the best news is that he was in good spirits! We are so grateful for that.

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Jack said...

Uh oh. Couch potato in the making!