Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Right Time

Mom shared this evening that today Dad was very uncomfortable. His stomach hurts. Of course the incision site is painful, and he has a pillow to press against it when he coughs. But today he had significant internal discomfort also, and did not eat anything all day. He is still getting IV nutrition.

This makes three bad days in a row. So naturally we are increasingly concerned, and alert to the possibility that I/we may need to travel up there fairly soon. A number of arrangements will need to be made when that time comes, particularly for our children's schoolwork, and we desperately need wisdom to know the right time to go. Jack and I have tickets for a trip to Denver CO on Sept. 24-27, that were booked shortly before we learned how ill my dad was. My mom said today that she thinks we can wait until after that trip, but if necessary, we can cancel it and use the flight credits.

It is comforting to know that God has the right time prepared for Dad's departure. Mom said she is comforted by that also. As Dad repeated over and over today, "I'm so uncomfortable," she said she told the Lord that she knew He would do what is best.

Pastor Holliday, our dear friend who has been faithful to visit every few days, reported that while he was there today, whenever Mom or one of the hospital staff did anything for Dad, he said "thank you" every time. That always impressed me about Dad when I was growing up. After every dinner Mom cooked, he would take her hand, smile tenderly at her, and say "thank you, sweetheart."


Anonymous said...

Alice and Jack,

I have thought of you so often in the past few days and I can't begin to know the sadnes that you feel while being apart from your parents at this time. Your Mom and Dad must be very special people. We will continue to keep all of you in our prayers.


Anonymous said...

Oh Ali, I am so sorry that you are not there with them. I know that your parents understand though and love you. I am praying every day. AHK

Astrid said...

You know, Alice, I remember so fondly your father and mother at mealtimes. Such a gentleman, and your mother so kind and sweet. Please know we are holding you all close in thoughts and prayers.