Thursday, September 2, 2010

Now It's Dad's Turn

After a year of relatively stable health, my Dad (John) has taken a turn for the worse. He began having difficulty eating early in August, and finally it got so bad that he had a CT scan on August 30. The scan showed a blood clot in his lung and swelling in his stomach, and he was immediately hospitalized at Stephens Memorial in Norway ME.

Dad is on a blood thinner now, and an upper GI scope this morning showed that food has not been getting past his stomach for awhile. The reason for the blockage was not visible. They are going to do another scope tomorrow. Since the stomach has now been cleared, we hope the scope will be able to locate the source of the problem.

Another issue is his breathing. He has a bad cough and is on oxygen. Thankfully he is receiving IV nutrition, which should help to build his strength back up. He grew very frail during the last month of not being able to eat much.

It is so hard to be 1,400 miles away while this is going on. Our family and friends in Maine have been great about helping my mom during this time, with rides and making telephone calls. Thank you Aunt Jane, Aunt Betty, Uncle Ted, Debbie, Stephen, Pastor and Mrs. Tiner, and anyone I have missed.

As always, we appreciate your thoughts & prayers!

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