Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Getting better

Dad is back in a "regular" room - #140, for anyone who wants to call or visit him. Today he put his hearing aid in (although he didn't want his false teeth or his glasses), and I got to talk to him on the phone for a few minutes! He sounded weak, but quite like himself. It was great. Afterward I heard him tell his nurse that I was Lois, so he was slightly confused, but close enough!

Mom said the nurse thinks they will try having Dad do a little walk tomorrow. The plan for when he leaves the hospital is to return to Ledgeview, but not to their apartment, at least not right away. He'll be receiving rehab therapy for awhile at Ledgeview's Skilled Nursing Facility.

It is possible, and we are hopeful, that he might regain enough strength to go home to their apartment in the Ledgeview Living Center. But if not, he would become a patient in the Long Term Care facility there at Ledgeview . . . what we think of as the "nursing home." This would be a difficult transition, but we are trying to prepare ourselves for that possibility. Mom has worked very hard to care for him in the last year, and it has often been difficult for her.

Again, we are thankful that Mom & Dad are in the Lord's loving hands. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers!!

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