Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Better, still weak

When I called Mom for the afternoon update, she didn't feel that Dad had a very good day; she said his blood pressure was low (80/50) and he was very weak. His walk from the bed to the chair was very difficult, and he only sat up for an hour.

To look on the bright side . . . he WAS able to walk from the bed to the chair (with a lot of help) and he sat up for a whole hour! :-) Gotta be grateful for the blessings. The best one was that he talked to me for a couple of minutes! He hadn't done that since last Friday.

Dad's feeding tube is once again operational for meds and liquid food. He has only had a few sips of water and ice chips by mouth since the feeding tube was replaced yesterday. IV nutrition continues also.

No discharge in sight, yet. We are so grateful for the good care Dad is receiving, with plenty of consideration for Mom's needs as well.

Daddy & his girls, 1976

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