Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Update from Mom Ames (slightly edited and abridged :-)

Mom e-mailed an update this evening. I don't think she'd mind if I share it:

"Dad's spirits are up tonight after a very difficult day. Dr. Medd (Dad's PCP) came in. He had ordered a CT Scan this morning of Dad's stomach, to see if things are working well. Dad did not feel very well the last couple of days - or this morning. His feeding tube got plugged again. Several nurses tried over and over this morning to get it unplugged.

"The evening nurse came in about 4:30 PM. She got the feeding tube unplugged--after all of those tries by so many nurses before. It was her 3rd try to get it, but she did !!!!! Her name is Jill - and she is a Christian. Really sweet nurse.

"Dr. Medd came in this evening, went to the nurse's station to get the report from the CT scan, and came back to tell us the good news. Everything is working well - and NO SURPRISES APPEARING. (Note: Mom is referring to new cancer growth.) Dr. Medd was very pleased, and wants to have Dad try eating tomorrow--custard, etc.

"After Dr. Medd left, Dad asked me what Dr. Medd said. So I repeated the conversation, and Dad was so glad, and 'Praise the Lord' was his comment. Indeed, we do PRAISE THE LORD that nothing is causing a problem at the present time. That is a great relief to my mind for sure.

"So, it may be that Dad will be moved into the Ledgeview Nursing Home for 'skilled care' after a few more days. I will have news on that as time goes on."

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