Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Good Day!

Mom reports that today was "a good day." It was so nice to hear her say that!! She said that Dad was in fairly good spirits, although he still isn't talking very much (not that he ever does) and didn't feel like having her read to him. His dry humor popped up when the nurse asked how his hands were doing. He said "Well, I can feel them."

He was bathed and shaved today. Mom said, "Wow, sweetheart, they've shined you right up! You must feel like a king!" Dad said, "Nooooo."

He is still in the ICU. There was some talk yesterday about moving him to a regular room today, but it didn't happen, and Mom's not sure what the holdup is. She thinks maybe it's because his blood pressure and heart rate are both quite low, but that is only a guess.

Mom plans to take his glasses and hearing aid when she goes tomorrow, hoping that will encourage him to stay awake a little more. They did get him moved to a chair for a few hours today . . . but he fell asleep in the chair too. :-)

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