Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Still in good spirits on Monday

I'm pleased that Mom has been taking some time to herself. On Sunday she went to church in the morning and "Singspiration" in the evening, and last night she went to the historical society meeting and supper. She needs to do things like that to stay refreshed.

Dad's still receiving all his nutrition through the feeding tube. They have gradually increased the volume he is receiving, and when it has been at a certain level for enough time, they plan to cut it back and encourage him to eat.

He was able to walk to the bathroom and back yesterday with his walker and two aides assisting him. He also sat up for awhile yesterday morning, but stayed in bed all afternoon. Mom says he is "weary," but his attitude is good. That is such an answer to our prayers. My longing for him is to feel God's peace.

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