Sunday, September 19, 2010

Saturday was rough, Sunday better

Mom shared yesterday that Dad's first full day at Ledgeview was pretty rough. He is having to figure out how to handle some things that are different from when he was in the hospital, and it didn't always go smoothly. Consequently he was quite upset and discouraged yesterday.

HOWEVER . . . today was better!! And his spirits are better. He says he doesn't like the TV that his roommate watches, but Mom says his eyes often follow it. He doesn't care for sports, but there was a show about dogs that he liked.

He is still getting nourishment through his feeding tube and not wanting to eat. Not even a "pumpkin pie" milkshake tempted him today.

However, Mom said his legs seemed a little stronger. That is encouraging!! Thanks to all of you who are caring and praying.

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Anonymous said...

Praying your dad has a better day and that his hunger returns. Also that his roomate is easier on him with the loud tv :-(. Lori