Saturday, October 2, 2010

Two good days!

Friday and Saturday have been good days for Dad. :-) On Friday, he had a trip to the hospital because his feeding tube got blocked, but the doctor was able to correct it. Mom said the doctor was annoyed because he thought the nurses at Ledgeview could have handled it . . . oh well!!!

Dad has been sitting up a LOT more -- 6 to 8 hours total. And he is gaining strength: Friday he walked about 80 feet, and today he got up from his chair and back into bed with only minimal help from the nurses. Thanks for your prayers on his behalf!

He is drinking small portions of his liquid diet. Yesterday he drank about 1/2 of his strawberry shake, and today he had 4 oz. of apple juice. He is still getting 75 ml/day through the tube.

Mom took Josie, their beloved cat, to visit him yesterday. And today he enjoyed a visit from our good friends, Pastor Cleo & Shirley Winningham. Pastor W. was our pastor in Gorham in the 1980's.

Nice to have some good days! Thanks to his caregivers and to the Lord!!

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