Sunday, January 9, 2011

"Why Don't We Let Her."

Mom said that Dad's day was like most of the past week . . . nausea this morning, a shot for pain, and sleeping most of the afternoon.

However, the feeding tube clogged again today. The charge nurse again asked him a question he has twice refused to answer: If they can't clear the blockage, does he want to go through the trip to the hospital and procedure to replace the tube? He looked at Mom and said, "Why don't we let her." So Mom told the nurse, "That's his answer." He's not ready to give up.

They are hoping that the blockage may be able to be cleared in the morning. If not, Dad will go to the hospital by ambulance for the replacement . . . but . . . the nurse told mom that the intestine may be getting too full of cancer to allow proper placement of a new tube.

Lois flies in from Ecuador late Friday night with baby Daniel. We are still praying she will be able to visit with Dad when she gets there.

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