Wednesday, January 19, 2011

This could be it

This is still Lois reporting from West Paris, Maine. Today Dad's feeding tube clogged again. The nurse is going to continue trying to unblock it, but if she is unsuccessful, we will once again pose the question to Dad: Is he willing to go through the ordeal of the ride to the hospital and the insertion of a new tube? There is no guarantee that a new tube will work, because if the cancer growth is the cause of the tube's clogging this time, then a new tube obviously will not function either. The last time he was questioned concerning his wishes in the event of the feeding tube getting blocked, his response was that he was willing to undergo the procedure once again. That was before he saw Daniel and me, however. He may have a different answer this time.

Dad does have a legal declaration on file, made in 1994, in which he stated his choice NOT to be kept alive by artificial nutrition and hydration in the event of a terminal illness. So if the present feeding tube cannot be unclogged and should Dad become too weak to communicate, we will abide by his written wish to be allowed a natural death with only the medication and care necessary to keep him comfortable. However, if he verbally gives authorization to attempt a new feeding tube, we will go with that.

We so much appreciate all of the prayers that are being offered before the Throne of Grace on Dad's behalf, and also for us as family members. Thank you for all of the visits, phone calls, and notes of encouragement as well. We may not be rich in worldly goods, but we are wealthy beyond expression in the love and thoughtfulness of true friends.

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