Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Of prayer and pencils

I have two things to share tonight. One is really significant, and one is sort of random. :-)

Jon and Tammy Howry, our pastor from Gorham NH and his wife, visited Dad and Mom yesterday. They read some Scripture to Dad and prayed with him, and then--here's the cool part--Dad prayed with and for them!! Pastor Jon said it was such an encouragement. It was equally encouraging to hear about it, because he had seemed to forget about God and Heaven, and hasn't wanted to talk about eternal things.

And then, the random thing: Mom said that this afternoon, Dad asked her if she had her purse with her. She didn't (it was in the apartment, about 50 feet away) and he got very upset and worried. When asked why, he said that he needed a pencil.

Mom asked him why, and Dad said, "Because I'm going to write!!" (As if to say "Well, duh!") So Mom said, "Oh, okay" and got him a pencil. He gave very specific instructions where to put it on his bedside table. He didn't ask for paper though, and we have no idea what he might be planning to write. Mom didn't inquire further, because he doesn't like to be pestered by too many questions. :-)

The last time Dad wrote anything was in October. He signed his name to some legal papers, but it was incredibly difficult. Parkinson's caused his hand to shake and he was very weak, even then. So Mom and I are skeptical. But she is going to take him some paper in the morning, just to see what happens. :-)

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Anonymous said...

This brought tears to my eyes, because we have experienced some of the same things. My dad had almost stopped saying grace and would ask one of us. One night at the dining room table (in Westwood) he prayed with a strong, definite voice, thanked God for the day and the blessings of family and for the food. He closed as he always has, ....help us to do your will, in Jesus name, Amen."

I read each entry you post. Thank you for sharing this.