Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Waiting and Working

This is Alice. Mom's computer is acting up, so Lois can't get on line to post.

The last few days, we all have been waiting. Mom and Lois are also working, diligently copying and compiling the financial documents that Maine Medicaid has requested.

Dad continues to decline. His pressure sore is 4" in diameter now, and a fistula has developed from the abdomen to the skin. He has been a bit confused also. Today he told Lois he didn't know where he was supposed to hand in his report. Lois told him not to worry about it, and he said "I'm not going to!" :-) Tonight he asked Mom where he should meet her in the morning. She said "I'll come meet you here," and thankfully, he agreed to that. :-)

There have been a few bright spots. Dad smiled at baby Daniel once yesterday. And today, he requested ice cream, and ate a little bit!!

Lois and Daniel have tickets to return to Ecuador on Friday, and if Dad's feeding tube is still working, she plans to go. Her husband and four other children need her. If the tube becomes blocked between now and then, the decision becomes harder, because it will not be replaced. If/when that happens, I will go to Maine as soon as possible. Jack and the kids will come when Dad passes.

So we are trusting God to orchestrate these difficult final days. It is good to know that He will work everything out for the best.

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