Friday, January 14, 2011

A Burst of Energy

On Wednesday, the day after Dad's pencil request, he was amazingly alert and energetic. He never did write anything, but he asked to get up and walk to the bathroom! He hadn't been out of bed for a couple weeks. With MUCH help (his legs would not support him at all) he was able to get to a portable chair placed beside the bed.

Also on Tuesday night and Wednesday, Dad was constantly calling for Mom. She had grown accustomed to visiting him for short periods, because he would either be asleep, or he would ask her to leave so he could go to sleep! Not so on Wednesday. He called for her early in the morning, and wanted her there nonstop. In the afternoon, she needed a nap, but had barely laid down when he called for her again. So she was very tired Wednesday night.

Yesterday was much different. Mom said Dad slept most of the day and hardly spoke. He also needed two shots for pain. His feeding tube has gotten blocked several times, but the nurses have been able to get it cleared.

Lois and baby Daniel went by bus to Guayaquil last night and flew out this morning. After stops in Miami and New York, they are scheduled to arrive in Portland ME at 9 pm. Aunt Jane is taking Mom to the airport to pick them up. We are praying that the roads will be clear of snow!


Anonymous said...

I will pray that Lois and baby Daniel will make it to Portland as scheduled. It will be so good for all of them to see each other. Take care.


pjallen said...

praying for Lois's trip. so good she can be there for her parents. the messages of God's grace are so inspiring. Paula Allen