Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sleeping Beauty

Today Dad has been sleeping every time Mom or I (Lois) have gone in to see him. The nurse says that he rouses when she needs to do something for him in connection with his care, but has not spoken to her. He is very sore in his midsection especially, and also has a bad pressure sore on his backside. So if he can find some comfort in sleep, I am glad that he has been able to do so.

Last night, before the feeding pump was started again, Mom and I were in with him briefly and he was complaining of a very dry mouth. His words sounded slurred--the vowel sounds were coming through all right but the consonants were getting lost somehow. We don't know if this was only because of his dry mouth condition, or if something else was going on as well. We haven't been able to judge accurately since we haven't heard him speak today.

Pastor John Holliday and his sweet wife Rosalie were in to see the family today. They are always such a blessing. Pastor Holliday was relating a recent visit when he had asked Dad how he was feeling, and Dad had started rubbing the back of one hand with the other. It took Pastor Holliday a moment to get his meaning: other times when he has asked Dad how he was feeling, Dad has responded tongue-in-cheek, "With my hands." Now that he finds it more difficult to express himself verbally, Dad is finding creative ways to let us know that he IS still there, with his characteristic dry sense of humor still intact.

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