Thursday, January 27, 2011

Almost Home

It has now been 26 hours since Dad's feeding tube stopped. He has had some water by mouth - the nurse told us her trick of putting her finger over the straw, lifting it out of the cup and releasing it into his mouth. :-) Very little of the water will be absorbed, but it is refreshing to him anyway.

God is revealing Himself to us. Until today, Dad was reluctant to talk of spiritual things. But this morning he told the nurse that God had been speaking to him! And then, he told Mom that he is preparing for his "great journey Home"--and pointed toward Heaven!!! This is such a change that we know God has been speaking to his heart and preparing him. So awesome.

My (Alice's) flights were delayed a bit today, but I arrived here to Ledgeview about 7:20 pm. Lois and Daniel are still here; I'll drive them to the airport in the morning to go back to Ecuador. But for tonight . . . our family is together, one last time in this life. Thank you Lord.


kathie said...

Thank you dear Alice. Im sure your Dad was very blessed to have the 3 loves of his life with him last evening.You gave us some food for thought this morning as we prepare our days. I think sometimes we speak so much that our words have not much meaning.That was seen through your Dads words and thoughts few and far between but" perfectly timed" to give hope and encouragement when they were needed. May you continue to be blessed by "the littlthings" that you so easily pick up on to give you hope". Love to your mom, a hug to your dad, Lois and Danielle.

Laura S Williams said...

It always amazes me how such sad circumstances include incredibly joyous moments like this.

May God continue to bless you all with his strength and comfort. And may your Dad's transition to his next life be peaceful. My heart is with you & your family.