Friday, October 22, 2010

Good News

Thankfully, after seeing some documentation I found online, Ledgeview has agreed to continue billing Medicare for Dad's remaining 64 days of Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) coverage!! Praise God. At $182.00 per day, this will save my parents $11,648.00.

Dad visited with us this morning for about 20 minutes before wanting to sleep. He enjoyed seeing pictures of Lois' family in Ecuador that she had e-mailed last night.

Mom & I had several errands to do today. Mom went to the doctor for a cold that has lasted three weeks, and was diagnosed with sinus inflammation.

We did walk down to visit Dad several times later in the day, but he was sleeping each time.

Mom & I enjoyed dinner at a restaurant with Jane & Danny, Betty, and Stephen & Angie tonight! The owner of the restaurant is a Christian, and has built a testimonial rock fireplace that he gives a little speech to customers about if they are interested. He built crosses into it, and phosphorescent rocks that spell "I AM" (one of God's names) under black light. The rocks are from many countries around the world, including one from the Sea of Galilee. It is great.

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