Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Whirlpool Bath!!

I have to confess that I found Mom's report yesterday slightly amusing, although I'm sure poor Dad didn't. Dad got a whirlpool bath!! Unlike most people, it was traumatic for him. Dad has always taken "scrub baths." Whether this was because of a compulsion to conserve water, or just an aversion to immersion, I don't know. He never went swimming either. But yesterday, he indignantly told Mom, "I was up to my NECK!!!"

When the aides brought Dad his liquid supper last night, they asked him if he wanted to sit up. He said no, but Mom said yes, and he was overruled!! He sat up for about an hour and 40 minutes. :-)

The word back from the charge nurse is that according to the doctor, hospice is an option. However, no decisions will be made until our meeting next Thursday morning with Dad's care team. Please pray for Mom and I to have God's wisdom and clear direction. Thanks so much!!

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Ron McKinney said...

Thanks for the continued updates, Alice. I continue to pray for your parents, care team, and your family.