Friday, October 8, 2010

Gonna be heading North! :-)

Mom was able to get out and about for awhile this morning. Aunt Betty took her to do a few errands, including a bit of early Christmas shopping!! "I had fun," she told me. :-)

She reports that Dad had a "pretty good" day today too, though there is still discomfort in his abdomen. Each day, they close off the drainage tube from his stomach for several hours at a time, to see if his stomach can handle it. So far, it can't. Mom asked the doctor if they planned to take any more "pictures" (x-rays or scans) to see what the cancer is doing, and the doctor said no, because the results would not change the treatment plan.

Dad took two fairly long walks today, and drank 4 oz. of apple juice. Both good things!! He also sat up for five hours this afternoon, which was painful due to his pressure sore. He would like to get back into bed sooner, but sometimes has to wait awhile until the nurses can help him.

Mom carried Josey, their cat, in her arms to visit Dad again. This was the third or fourth such visit, and Josey is now accustomed to it and staying calm and relaxed. :-) That pleases both Mom & Dad. Aunt Betty offered to push Dad in the wheelchair to their apartment for a return visit to Josey, but Dad hasn't felt up to that.

God has provided tickets for me to come up to Maine from Oct. 20-26! Thanks, George and Kathy. God has also provided the use of a car--thanks, Scott and Tracy! I'm always amazed and thankful how He works things out. It will be great to be with Mom & Dad for even a little while.

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Cindy said...

I am thankful you will be able to be with your mom and dad for a few days. I'm sure it will be a special time :)