Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sleeping More

From Mom yesterday:

"This has been a busy day for me: vacuuming living room, dusting a bit, etc. I was trying to get the apartment ready for a larger rolling chair. The nurse thought they could bring Dad over in that recliner chair.
"As it turned out, Dad was not in the mood with enough energy to come out today. So we will try another day."

Mom also shared that there is improvement in both Dad's pressure sore and the inflammation around his feeding tube. That is encouraging, as both of those cause discomfort. While I was there, they gave him a "low-air-loss" mattress, designed to relieve pressure sores.

From Mom this afternoon:

"Dad is wanting to sleep much more. The nurse said that he asked to be allowed to sleep, and not get out of bed so far today. He did not wake up as she rinsed his feeding tube this afternoon. When I have been in to visit twice this afternoon, he has been sleeping.
"The nurse also mentioned that she notices that Dad is slipping. I told her that I was praying that he would not linger. She said maybe he will go in his sleep when the time is come. With Dad's heart still in good shape, it may be that the cancer is after one of his organs. I don't know."

Lois has canceled her speaking engagement for next weekend. We are trusting God to get her here when the time is right.

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