Thursday, November 20, 2008

A small bump in the road

Mom gave us a scare today around noon by displaying classic symptoms of a stroke. Her face twisted sideways, she lost her balance trying to stand, and her speech became slurred.

We called an ambulance. At the ER, thankfully, she was much improved and the symptoms had disappeared.

She was diagnosed with a probable TIA, transient ischemic attack. It is a mini-stroke, temporary, leaving no lasting damage to the brain. Here is a link to the American Heart Association's information page about TIA: It does mean she is at increased risk for a stroke.

The hospital did a CAT scan to rule out other problems. We haven't heard any results, so we hope that no news is good news. They are admitting her overnight for observation.

Thanks for your prayers!!


Mary Lou said...

Alice thank you for the update. We saw the ambulance. Your Mom must have been frightened. I have not been over, not wanting to disturb her since she got home a few weeks ago. It is such a blessing that you are close by.
I am familiar with the TIA's as my Mom had them also. We pray you have the strength to carry the load and know how difficult it is. Can we be of help?

Erick said...

Dear Miss Alice ( our children call her this from skiing),
I got an update from John Holliday about your mom and will be praying.
Hannah and Caleb have really taken to skiing thanks to your hours of effort instructing them! Believe it or not their mom Melanie learned to ski last winter! Deb Hair and I plotted against her!
I hope you have a great Thanksgiving with your mom, it will be different but precious. I did not realize that you and Lois were sisters. Your folks really did a good job! Tell your in laws, Art and June I said "Howdy" God bless you, Erick Ness

amykrut said...

Praying for you and Mom Ames. I hope you get everything organized. I hope you are all together for Thanksgiving and Mom Ames is feeling better. LOVE, Amy,Dennis, Amanda Jo, Ethan, Emily