Saturday, November 22, 2008

Phone savings

Today we were able to set up something for Mom & Dad that should save them some money. Dad was frustrated by the size of their recent phone bill, so we started brainstorming for possible cost savings, without sacrificing Mom's ability to connect with her faraway daughters and many friends.

We were able to install a program on their computer that enables them to make long-distance calls using their Internet connection. It worked really well when we made a couple of calls today! Unlimited US & Canada calling is $3.00 a month--CONSIDERABLY less than the same service from the phone company!!! And the rates to Ecuador are good also. We did have to buy a computer phone headset for $15.00. Seems like a pretty good investment.

Mom & I are pretty excited about it. Dad wasn't today, because it was unsettling to him to see us working on it. We had to move things and pull the computer out to access the jacks in the back, and any activity or change in the house is distressing to him. But we think he'll be happier when he receives the first reduced phone bill!!

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Drea said...

Hey, If you find this doesn't help you guys out enough. You may want to try to switch to voip phone service from time warner or maybe verizon has it now I don't know. Iknow that if you call Time Warner they can explain how it works to you. I believe all long distance calls are free that way. - Drea