Saturday, November 22, 2008

Saturday, November 22 - Home again

Mom came home again yesterday, released from the hospital after one night for observation. She has had no more stroke symptoms, and her CAT scan showed NO bleeding or clot in the brain for which we are extremely thankful.

The hospital wanted to do an MRI as well, but didn't dare because they were unsure of the type of metal in the coil that remains in her brain from the aneurysm. (Coiling is a relatively new procedure.) They tried to reach Dartmouth-Hitchcock but could not, so they put off the MRI.

Mom has appointments this Tuesday, Nov.25 at Dartmouth-Hitchcock, so she and I will need to leave Gorham about 6 am for the 2 1/2 hour trip. She will see the neurosurgeon in charge of her case, and the interventional radiologist who inserted the coil. Also, unrelated to the aneurysm, she will have a PET scan as a cancer checkup, rescheduled from earlier this fall when she was still in Portland. If that includes her brain, it would be even better than the MRI, so the MRI is not needed anyway.

Mom was feeling very well yesterday as we left the hospital, well enough to stop at Community Bible Church/Academy for the Harvest Luncheon! :-) Everyone was thrilled to see her and she thoroughly enjoyed it also.

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